Adeptus Mechanicus Master of the Forge on bike

This is my most recent painting project, my Techmarine "Master of the Forge" on a bike. He will be the commander of my techmarine army. The army is themed around apprentice techmarines that are stationed on Mars to be trained by the Adeptus Mechanicus. Enough background, let's talk about the model.

A lot of people use a conversion beamer weapon on their Master of the Forges, but I wanted mine to be a close combat monster so I kept the servo-harness to get the extra attacks. Plus the mechanical arms look really cool!

The tracked bottom is a plastic small scale German Panzer III tank made by Zvezda. I don't know anything about this model. I found it in the dollar bin of a local store and it was perfect for this project. I removed the turret and added Space Marine vehicle accessories, 2 cut down bolters, a Pegasus Hobbies Chemical Plant pipe for an exhaust, and a lot of Dragon Forge cables.

The Techmarine is a plastic Ad Mech Torso from the marine vehicle accessories sprue, Sgt. Chronus's head and legs, and the standard techmarine's arms and servo-harness. It all fit together pretty well. I had to shorten the axe handle a little and bend the cables coming out of the bottom of the servo-harness, but other than that it all went together easily.

Since my techmarines are stationed on Mars and working for the Adeptus Mechanicus they don't show any allegiance to their parent Marine Chapters, so I paint them in the red uniform of Mars. I don't have a name for this Techmarine Master yet, so suggestions are welcome. I hope you like him.



  1. This guy looks awesome, great job, can't wait to see more.

  2. This guy reminds me of Armored Core quite a bit. I'm not certain I'm sold on the axe, though; it makes the model look a bit cluttered and over accessoried, somehow...

    Maybe it's just the way he's holding it? He's just kind of holding it up in the air like a scepter or something. Shouldn't he be holding it more horizontal to the arm, point the axe head at the target?

  3. Looks great! Love how it all came together, and appreciate the list of parts that went into it. I'm thinking I need to revisit the Ad-Mech soon m'self, and this is fantastic inspiration. Keep up the great work!

  4. Looks interesting - as for a name how about "Mastigoi" koine (ancient) Greek meaning "to whip someone" or "to scourge"?
    Seems (and sounds) suitable :-).

  5. I like it for the fact you don't see many marines "blended" with equipment. You see them mounted on bikes and such, but to actually be part of a machine is different.

    Nice job.
    The conversion is growing on me.
    Ron, From the Warp

  6. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.
    Artemi- I agree that he is very passively holding the axe. I decided to have him sighting down his bolter and tried to have the axe look like it was at rest. It definitely could have been a more dynamic pose, but I was trying to keep the conversion simple when it came to the marine. Or that could just be an excuse for being lazy.

  7. I too like the model, but I agree that the long- hafted axe is s bit out of place when it's at rest. Maybe if his torso were raised a bit off of the tank chassis?

    I was thinking of a conversion like this for a Rough Riders squad.

  8. I kinda like the name Jarvis for him. Like the A.I. from Iron Man. Nice conversion!

  9. Hi John,

    I painted a bunch of Blood Angels for last year's charity event for DWB and I've been eagerly awaiting an email about the 2012 event...but haven't received one yet. I really want to be a part of the effort again. So can I? What are we doing this year?

    email me at tim and lucka at gmail dot comicus

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