The Defenders of Makkum: swordsmen part 4: unit is finished with terrain

I finally finished up the first unit of my Empire Army The Defenders of Makkum. As told before, I want to incorporate terrain heavily into the units as if all of them are waiting for the enemy to lay siege to their town.
Below is a picture of the finished unit.

The terrain comes from the Garden of Morr set. These two pieces are the sides of the gate. The pieces are magnetized and can easily be removed. For display it looks better to have them be in front, but during games I  would put them in the middle. I can opt to count them as fighting pieces or not. Here's the unit without the terrain:
The Frysian flag (blue with hearts) is prominent in the unit, the banner depicts the emblem of Makkum, a real town in Friesland. In the fluff, Makkum is part of the Empire and is being besieged by Chaos Hordes, coming from the North. You can see I painted 4 or 5 different dress codes, depicting different Lords giving soldiers to the defense of this town.
Below I added the wizard, which I thought looked cool, a bit higher and menacing

Here are the two terrain pieces, magnetizable, just like the whole unit.

Oh, and here is a WIP of the General's horse.
Hope this inspires! If you want to review all these swordsmen posts, do a search up top for 'defenders of makkum'



  1. Looking great Mike! How do they look at the back corners of the unit?


  2. Striking looking unit - I second the call to see the pillars at the rear corners.

    General's pony looks pretty. :)

  3. great job. i really like the shields and the banner is amazing!

  4. thanks friends. I will shoot an image having the pillars on the back and upload it on the next update on this army.


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