Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Check out our Facebook Bulletin board!

To create more dialog and allow more readers to post their own stuff without having their own blog, John and I have started up a facebook group, called Santa Cruz Warhammer. We have the idea that this page will inspire readers to upload stuff they build or see and have all of us be able to share thoughts about it.

Facebook is not a nice company. We all know that. But Google is just as bad. Don't kid yourself that google somehow plays it cleanly while facebook is stabbing you in the back. They are both companies solely interested in money. And if you have a smartphone, you have the holy 3, whos pockets we are all filling.

Having said that, we have the power to make this place a bit better all around us. We model, we paint, we play and we generally are an inclusive bunch of nice people, all enjoying the same thing: warhammer, 40k and other table top games. So forget about stuff we can't change, and instead focus on this we CAN make better. Like chatting on our facebook page and showing off cool stuff.

Here's the link.
Ask to be a member and then drop stuff on whenever you want, as long as it is family friendly and kind in spirit.

Santa Cruz Warhammer will stay up because we have a huge archive of work and we want to keep that available to readers. We will have less frequent updates, but the ones we post will be great. The honor roll is in transition and might change locations, just like the barter bucket.

Please give it a shot and check us out.


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