Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Night Goblins and the enduring love for the hobby

Over the weekend I painted this Night Goblin. I got him from Mik (from the our Barter Bucket) ages ago, tucked away in a baggie with some other stuff. I loved the model right away, but my mind wasn't there.
Fast forward Christmas, when I got myself the Forgeworld Fantasy book about Tamurkhan. On his quest for destruction, Tamurkhan meets a massive army of Night Goblins that almost prove to be his undoing. It really facinated me, reading about these little guys.
Then last week I played a game against my buddy Christian, Counts against Orcs. At some point he released his fanatics, and they hurt me a bit, but in the subsequent turns, those fanatics kept running into their own troops. Hilarious, frustrating and all the usual stuff right?
Then this weekend I figured I'll paint Christian up a fanatic, which is this model.

I added a little hill with grass and some mushrooms...
 and painted a little face on the spikey ball. It was wonderful to work on. Very, very enjoyable. He is not totally done, but will be once I hand him over.

I realized now that when I started this hobby about 6 years ago, I don't think a day has gone by without me doing something hobby related. Mostly it's painting and blogging, other times it's brainstorming. It's been an amazing ride so far and I am so happy to be able to do this for a long time to come!



  1. I still love the look and character of the Night Goblin model. So much action on such a small base! Great work on this one!

    Krisken of Scratch Built 40k

  2. This looks great! It looks exactly like who I would picture a Goblin, especially with the face painted on the mace. Very nice work.

  3. Well done Mike - Chris will totally dig it! Jen loves the little mushrooms on the base too!