Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am jumping on the band wagon and want to model some Lord of the Rings stuff. I read that the games are fast and you only need a few models....
so anyone have any to trade? I am partial to the hobbits and the good guys in general, but not really interested in Minias Tirith.

For trade I have many 40K Orks (1500 pts painted) and one box of Grave Guard and of course tons of other stuff.
let me know
(and don't yell at me, it just want to play around with it)

you can email me at mike dot tess at charter dot net

I wonder if finecast would be better for some of the hobbits, since the models are already so small, they could use all the detail they can get..hmm



  1. It is a great game and I think you will like it. I have been playing it since it was first released ten years ago and it is one of my favorite games. It does not deserve the abuse it receives.

  2. I will have to check what i have but i think i have some warriors of rohan and the hobbits from the mines of moria....

  3. Lord of the rings is perfect for small skirmish, story based games. it become unweildy for larger games, where War of the Rings is far superior in many ways anyway (some might argue even better than 40k or fantasy!)

  4. It's a system I've wanted to try for a while, but around here no one plays it. A shame really when you realize that your area is basically WFB/40k and/or Warmahordes. Not that any of them are bad systems (overall).

  5. oink- I agree with you. War of the Rings is a really elegant system in a lot of ways.

  6. Mike- I have a few models that have somehow made their way to me, mostly bad guys I think, perhaps you can trade with them, I will bring them bye your work.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer