SCWH Honor Roll #50

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with love and care direct from Lantz from over at TLA and MWC! This is what I consider a landmark. 50 posts for the Honor Roll and we keep on truckin'. I've been doing the Honor Roll for less than year now and it's been really fun, but the real thanks goes out to the original writers of SCW; be sure to give them thanks and keep checking out the Honor Roll every week!

Cursed Monkey Corp - "The Getaway" PIP
Die Vincis - Vampire Coach Finished (translated to English)
Midwest Monster Lab - Hades Vampire Lord + GS Tutorial
Geek In The Basement - More Building Conversions
Recalcitrant Daze - Defensive Walls
Dark Future Games - Necron Wraith Conversions
Mordian 7th - Heresy Era Thousand Sons Land Raider Finished
Wargaming Tradecraft - Hordeblood WIP
Raxhammer - Catacomb Command Barge Finished (translated to English)
ADHD Gaming - Necron Painting Tutorial
Unite All Action - Feral Warboss Conversion
Descent Of Angels - Wings Of Sanguinius
Volomir's Blog - Swordmasters of Hoeth WIP
Studio City Nocturn: Chaos tank

Lantz: A very diverse set of works here this week on the Honor Roll. MML and ADHDG both have some great tutorials to share with everyone. DV, M7 and Rax all have beautiful finished products this week. For terrain, GITB and RD have some very unique projects they're working on. I think my favorite this week is DFG's Wraiths. The masochist in me has to hold out for the GW kit, but I'm crossing my fingers they look something like this.

Mike's addition for this week's Honor roll is:

Mike: This week I happened to be browsing CMON and found this amazing Russian paintress, Ringil. Check out this current post and she also happens to be in the top ten of CMON with crazy freehand work on an Eldar flyer here. Crazy!

As always: if you care about your fellow bloggers and their work, please link the Honor Roll on your blog. Grab the jpg from this post and use this link underneath:

Much appreciation!


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  2. unite all action: we currently have a defunct blogroll that doesnt allow any changes. Its a blogger problem that we are working on
    In order to get onto the honor roll, you need to model stuff that is very honorable...


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