This Leman Russ will head for Singapore

Over the years I have had a few very positive Barter Bucket trades with Daniel from Singapore. After he sent me a bunch of old codexes (which I love) I decided to paint him up a Leman Russ, that John and I got once in a massive Barter Bucket trade. Daniel was excited and I loved working on a model that will find a good home, once it makes it to Singapore
Daniel paints his tanks Fortress Grey with Catachan Green, but I felt not so confident about painting large parts of the tank light grey. Instead I went for a muted Green on green camo pattern with a Codex grey front end, the way the Guard marks their vehicles for quick identification.

Here's the side view:

After doing the basic stippling I washed with sepia. At that point the vehicle looked very well already and the technique is very simple and effective. After that I worked on the details, lightening up the greys, adding some orange grit from old washes and using more sepia in certain areas. After that black lining all over the place to create good contrast.
I added some freehand, based on a design in the How to paint tanks book from GW. It makes the tank stand out a bit more:

After adding the decals I sponged the whole vehicle with a scrubber, dabbing a bit dark grey onto the vehicle for wear and tear. Don't use silver, metal on a tank wouldn't be silver. After all that a nice coat of Testors Dull Coat to blend in the colours and the decals.
Oh, and before I forget: the tips of the exhaust and the tips of the bolter barrels were replaced with plastic tubing, looks much better!

I hope Daniel will like his new tank. If you ever want me to paint up a vehicle in this style, drop me a line. I wouldn't want money, but maybe we could do a trade!



  1. Very nice looking tank. Suitably grimy. So do just use Gryphonne Sepia for the grime around the rivets etc?

  2. I am jealous of your tank skills.

  3. Thank you, Mike!!! I really like it! Especially the weathered look.

    It will most certainly be the centerpiece of my army, and would have to think of a back story for it, but that's the fun of it!

    Once again, thanks!!

    - Daniel


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