Barter Bucket: 3/31/12

The year, 2012. From out of space, come runaway bits, hurtling between the Earth and the moon, unleashing unlimited modeling opportunities. Two thousand years later, Earth is reborn. Strange new models rise from old bits bins. Models of savagery, super-science, and sorcery. You can burst your bonds to model for justice. With your companions, McCutty the knife and Princess Super Glue, you can pit your talent, your creativity, and your fabulous Sunsword, err, imagination, against evil!
mddunsmore at is in the market for:
  1. LoTR Mines of Moria starter set.
  2. Scythe weapons from Hexwraiths
  3. Flying Banshees from Mortis Engine. These are parts that might be left from building the other models in these Vampire Count Kits
maleagant at is looking for:
  1. WHFB Dogs of War Ricco's Republican Guard Pikemen, x6
  2. WHFB OOP plastic Empire Handgunners, x7
av8hotrod at is after:
  1. WHFB Drongs Slayer Pirates, not command
  2. WHFB plastic Marauder Horseman heads and torsos
  3. and is still looking for the OOP Land Raider box, yes just the cardboard box.
  4. WHFB trolls
mike dot tess at wants:
  1. side sponsons for Land Raider. don't need the weapons, just the doorpanel and the attachments for the weapons
  2. OOP land raider. Love those!
  3. Empire Great Cannon
  4. Space Wolf Icons (like from the Drop Pod kit)
The Bucket is a place to trade the stuff (models, parts, bits, and the like) you have laying around and are not using to get the stuff you do need. No more buying whole sets for just one model, no more buying overpriced single bits. Whether you're outfitting an entire army, or just need a single combi-weapon for a character model, this is the place to be.

Send us your email request by Thursday for it to post that week, the Barter Buckets posts every Saturday. Emails go to miksminis at gmail dot com. Please keep them simple and concise with enough details for us to know what you're looking for. Please limit your requests to a maximum of three items for needs and three items for what you have to trade. This keeps the Bucket itself compact and efficient, and helps your chances of getting exactly what you need. When you do track down the item(s) you're looking for, or have a successful trade, leave a comment below that week's bucket to let us know!

The Bucket itself runs on the cooperative spirit of our gaming community as a whole; gamers helping other gamers. Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!