SCWH Honor Roll #55

Welcome to the SCWH Honor Roll now brought to you with extra spine tingling fun, direct from the MWC Crew, from over at MWC (duh!) ! Hello, fellow Readers! Lantz has gotten a bit busy in the real world so the rest of the crew will be helping fill his shoes with the most spine tingling links from across the blog-o-sphere that we find each week! We miss you Lantz!

Heresy Workshop - Merican Lancer Heavy Weapons Teams
*Double Slam111*
Rust and the City - Death Guard Terminator Conversions
Rust and the City - Tutorial: Sculpting Death Guard belly Armour 
James Wappel Miniatures - Pre Heresy White Scars Gallery #1
James Wappel Miniatures - Pre Heresy White Scars Gallery #2
Code 40k - Necron Destroyer Lord and Canoptek Spyders
28mm Victorian Warfare - Wilderness Camp

And a nice new little section, videos! We wont post many, and not even every week but this week, we do! Here is a nice close up look at the new FW Zone Mortalis set. We are looking forward to what he will do with them and if he will take the stained glass route with the archways.

ZONE MORTALIS SET ~ Forge World. Starting the project ~ Part 1.

MWC Crew: Rust and the City sure has nailed the Nurgle work and then brought it forward in a simple and very effective manner. Well done champ!! We see Heresy Workshop is still on a roll with the, what must now be massive, 'Merican' Guard force. These most recent additions show no drop in the quality and level of detail put into every model. If your in the mood for some of the most striking paint jobs ive seen in a long time, stop by and check out James work. Its way more then just power armor!

And finally, if you like dinos, dioramas and LED's stop by the Wilderness Camp!

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Much appreciation!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I'm glad you are enjoying the Nurgle conversions. I really have to get some of them painted now!

  2. Oh my goodness! What an honour and thank you all.

  3. Thanks for the CODE40K plug much appreciated and nice blog you've got here. DOC

  4. Everyone this week really deserved the shoutout! Great work guys!

  5. Thank you for checking out the Blog, and for the Honor Roll link! At this stage in the blog's life, it is mostly pretty pictures. As time goes on, I have a number of 'how to' articles that will be posted.



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