The Plague Gentleman

 This is a model I have had on my wish list since I first saw it, Puppets War's Fat Plague Gentleman.  This is the first model from Puppets War that I have ever painted.  I have to say that I am really impressed with the quality of the model.  There were very few mold lines and no noticeable air bubbles; plus all the pieces fit together without gaps.  This model is pretty big too.  That is a 60mm base that he is covering up.

I chose to paint him with a human skin tone because I find a realistic color to be more upsetting than greens or other unnatural colors.  I did a lot of the painting with different colored washes, red in the sores, green on the rotting skin, and purple in the recesses.
In this side view you can see that I added a lizard creature to the base.  This model is very reminiscent of a certain Star Wars villain who always has a pet at his "feet", so I wanted to include one on my model as well.
This model has a lot of things that I really like including the humorous and disgusting qualities.  It was a real pleasure to paint, and now he will make an appearance in my Chaos Space Marine army as a Daemon Prince or a Greater Daemon.  I hope you enjoy the model.



  1. This model is gruesome yet fascinating at the same time...I can't stop looking at it!
    It't like what if Jabba and Nurgle had a baby??!!
    Well done Michael!

  2. What a ‘cutie’! Wonderfully disturbing, but brilliantly executed. Top work Sir!

  3. Fantastic model. Very nicely painted too!

  4. That looks like Pizza the hut from spaceballs.

  5. I just stumbled upon this model recently myself, and instantly loved it. You've done a good job of making him look pestilent (particularly in the entrails). I really like the highlights you did around his skin though.

    Any chance we can get some size comparison shots?

  6. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Warhammer39999- I posted a shot with some other models for scale on the Santa Cruz Warhammer facebook page. Check it out!


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