Tau Battlesuit with Twin Linked Flamer

I finished painting my Battle suit leader with a twin linked flamer and a missile pod. I got this model in my trade and Tony, who built this model, said he kitbashed the flamer, I didn't know that twinlinked flamer models don't exist. The drones count as shield drones, which are really handy in battle. I put them all on bases with trench planks for a good contrast.

Anyway, I played my first game with the Tau last night, lost from a Eldar infantry force, but it was still great fun. More painted models coming up!

SC Mike


  1. Apparently flamers will be the new 'hotness' (...snicker...) in 6th ed.

  2. I'd like to ask what your first impressions were of playing as Tau for the first time?
    Anything you noticed having played other races etc?

  3. I really like the contrast of the wooden plank base against the high tech Tau model. It makes for a nice model overall.

    Ron, FTW


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