Tau Shas 'o r' myr, 'Longknife' plus armylist

After painting my first Tau tank, which you can see here, I got to work on the one Forgeworld model that I received in the trade (Dwarfs-Tau). It's a great model, very dynamic: Shas 'o r' myr, Commander Longknife. Here's my paintjob, keeping him in line with the paint scheme on the vehicles:

I placed him on a trench base, I envision somewhere down the line that my traitorguard will be modeled in the same world as the Tau. They can fight each other to their hearts content.

I also finalized my army list. I shamelessly stole this list from Adam, who has this blog and who seems a very good player. The list works for me: compact, not too many troops and lots of vehicles to paint. Here's a picture of Adams army:

Here's his army list in detail:

Adam's 1500 points Tau army
Tau Shas’el                                 
Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multitracker, Hardwired Drone Controller with 2 shield drones
2 Bodyguards with Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Hardwired Multitracker, Targeting Array

Tau Battlesuit Team
2 with Twin Linked Flamer, Missile Pod
1 Leader with Twin Linked Flamer, Missile pod, Hardwired Drone Controller with 2 shield drones

(X3) 6 man Fire warrior Team
Devilfish with Smart Missile System, Targeting Array, Multitracker, Disruption Pod

Hammerhead with Railgun, Smart Missile System, Target Lock, Multitracker, Disruption Pod

Skyray with Smart Missile System, Target Lock, Targeting Array, Multitracker and Disruption Pod

2 man Broadside Team with advanced stabilization
Leader, Hardwired Drone Controller with 2 shield drones, Bonding Knife

I hope he is OK with me copying all this: i am hopeless in making army lists and I honestly need a goal to model towards, so Adam get's all the credit and here is his blog again

I still have questions about this list and was planning to email him for some of the details, like the makeup of his fire warrior teams and where the markerlight team fits in..

Anyway, I have already started painting the Battlesuit leader with twinlinked flamers.

I am in need of some Tau models and am happy to trade away stuff I don't need. Tauwise I actually have plenty to trade since my army is fairly specific. Drop me a line at mike dot tess if you have interest!

SC Mike


  1. I really like the colors scheme. The orange striping looks great across the shoulderpads. And the blue makes for a wonderful contrast as well.

    Ron, FTW

  2. Hi Mike,

    Just wanted to say thanks for picking out my army.
    In answer to your question, the army deploys in a variety of different ways depending entirely on the mission being played and the army you add facing. So I'd recommend reading lots of my battle reports.

    Generally though, the tanks move as 1 big wall with the battle suits hidden behind and jump-shoot-jump around the wall. Meanwhile, the tank wall wheels round, firing.

    Only when something absolutely must die do the fire warriors tend to get out and rapid fire en mass.

    Target priority is the key to victory and this is why having the Sky Ray is so important. Essentially it's just another part of the rank walk, but when it's marker lights are combined with the Broadsides or Battle suit command team to make surf your best weapons eliminate their target.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck playing Tau. They take a lot of practiced to get right.

  3. I really like that Tau scheme. The little details such as the dusting on the shield and slightly aged look of the armour is a really nice touch. Great work.


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