Traitor Guard: my next big project?

Hey everyone,
I have been away from the old blog a bit and to be honest, it's been feeling really good to let go of the pressure to keep publishing and photographing models. And although I am mowing through models, getting close in finishing my Wolf Wing and my Ogre Army, today I read a snippet of news that got me interested in pursuing an ambitious project like the Bishkek 2nd.

On Faet212 I read about the coming of the Traitor Guard and the possibility of fielding a Traitor Guard army only with maybe support chaos marines units. That sounds like a wonderful project and I am hoping it will become reality. We will have to wait until the codex comes out, but I am pretty excited about that one!

SC Mike

Hold on, are you serious? Man, I hope so. there are so many great bits out there, and I can't wait to finally have a reason to build a bunch of them, I have been hording bits after the Nurgle plague pact and blood pact models, and now there is even more stuff out there to use as bits.

I was so exited I dug up some old pics, so what kind of cult are you thinking about?



  1. If the codex ends up indeed allowing for us to make Cultist armies, then you must do so. For the good of the gaming blogging community as a whole. It is written.


    Join us...

    Look forward to seeing what you come up with!

    Even if the CSM book doesn't allow for cultists, there's always the Codex: IG or Imperial Armour 5-7 options.

  3. I am with you. Traitor guard sound really fun to paint. I see them an an imagination gone wild opportunity.

  4. Yes! Listen to the Taurus....follow us in our war against the corpse god!

  5. You know where my thoughts on this subject lie. All the best to both of you in bringing hordes of Traitors to the tabletop!


  6. I am looking forward to the rumoured cultists in the new CSM codex. If it comes to be true I will Breakout my plague zombies and oop Chaos cultists once again.


  7. Wonderful!!! I'd enjoy seeing both Mike's and John's take on traitor guard armies.
    But you know my heart is for the Emperor...make all the traitor guard you's good target practice for me! =)

  8. My secret shame is the huge unfinished Chaos Guard army I have in my closet. If this plays out I might finally find some inspiration.

  9. Michael: you know I will happily relieve you of this burden

  10. This could make for some absolutely stunning conversions. Looking forward to seeing how the army progresses.

    Ron, FTW

  11. Very nice indeed.

    Traitor Guard are always a fun force to model and to play with.
    It is going to be interesting to see if they are included in the next book.


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