Using Photoshop to preview your Tau Paint Scheme

When I was photographing my 1st finished Tau Tank, I figured I take it into Photoshop and play with the Hue. I use photoshop all day for my work and actually never thought about it before. I made a short (and clumsy) video of it: check it out

The way to get to the hue is CTRL-U

Of course this method is kind of funky, since you need a painted model to begin with, but you could download an image from the web, import it and start playing. I personally think the orange brown one (when the slider was to the left) looked really interesting..

anyway, hope you think it is helpful!

SC Mike


  1. Ah man, I've been thinking of doing a similar post for a few days! I've been using photoshop for a while, and recently made the effort to take better pictures of miniatures, because I had an interview where I need to be able to do such a thing. I've tried this out quite a bit and then noticed noone had posted about it, and then there we are lol.

    Its a cracking ability to have though, recommend to anyone!

  2. Nice suggestion Mike! I have used the army painter in Dawn of War: Dark Crusade to preview schemes in the past, but the pallet is really limited compared to PS.


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