Wolf Wing is packed!

I have been emptying out my display case and putting models away (under the bed) for a while now. The Bishkek was the first large army to go and today I finally put away the Wolf Wing as well. I found a really nice old camera case that had foam already on the inside and a nice system of creating spaces. Here are the shots

put them all in:

and make it travel ready. The case comes with a handy shoulder strap. And yes, it is about 1500 points. I could swap out the drop pod for a second landraider, but I haven't built that one yet.

The advantage of this army is of course the small size; it will be easy to grab for a quick game. For the rest of the time they can sleep under the bed.

My case is getting full with all the ongoing projects: Ogres, Tau and Empire. I finally ended my work on the Hordes of Vormond. I will do an army portrait of that work before I am going to retire those guys as well. It has been my largest project of the last 16 months or so and I am pleased with the results. But I will probably not play with it anymore, preferring the Empire as my gaming army.

Anyway, updates on the Tau coming up soon, i have done a ton of work on those guys! And I am going to build a model for the charity drive The Black Crusade. More soon!

SC Mike