Black Crusade: WIP of Nurgle Lord

I have made good progress on the Nurgle Lord 'counts as Typhus' that is going to get shipped of in a week or so to the Black Crusade Charity.
Here are some images:
I added a lot of glossy to the gore and the little demon. I am not experienced with painting blood, so any suggestions would be welcome.
I haven't touched the scythe really, and I do want to add some blood to that part as well.
This is the first model that I have painted entirely under a magnifier lamp, it's been really eye opening. At first I had trouble judging the distance of the brush to the model, but after a while it became second nature.

Final images coming up next week!

SC Mike


  1. Looking great! I think "realistically" you wouldn't get blood on a pw; the power field would burn it off before it even got to the blade. Maybe some corrosion on the blade?

    I have resisted using a magnifier; I am worried that I would never be satisfied if I could see imperfections that tiny!

  2. My blood recipe is Tamiya Clear Red with a drop or two of dark brown ink. Add some gloss on top and looks just like the real thing.

    Your Typhus looks devine!

  3. That's a really nicely painted model, I'd be proud to own it. I was going to suggest tamiya clear red too with a touch of scorched Brown (or whatever its now called) mixed in. a corroded blade sounds like a really nice touch too but I'd still put blood over it.


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