SCWH Traitor Guard: the best 28mm sculpt in years!

OK, this will be a complete sales pitch. But sometimes stuff is so blatantly obvious (to me at least), I have to use my platform to help creative and talented people. And i was not asked to do this..

When we ran the Heroes of Armageddon drive last year ago, Chris Borer provided the Master of Ordinance for the Steel Legion Army. He sculpted it from scratch AND did such a good paintjob on it, that he won the GOLDEN DEMON on Games Day 2011. Amazing.

Chris was smart enough to cast a mold of the original and in his modest online shop sells metal version of it, the resin model is unavailable at this time. I had bought the resin model a while back, but until now had not done anything with it. But I decided to make this guy my Master of Ordinance for my new Traitor Guard. When I started painting it, it struck me: this model is an absolute stunner. The detail is astounding, the lines beautiful and there are nice open spaces to really work the brush. It was such a joy to paint it. Here's my version of it:

Obviously Chris Borer is a GD winner, his version is top of the line and gives you a better picture of the incredible detail of the sculpt.

I really want to bang the drum on this: go to his store and buy a model at Full Borer Miniatures. For 10 bucks you can get a top of the line model and my humble opinion is: it's the best model in the "GW" range in years and stands right up there with Brian Nelson's Nurgle Lord.

Even if you don't play, this model is just a joy to work on and put in your display case. And that way you also support a very talented artist who we can hopefully push to sculpt another Guard like model!

SC Mike


  1. Nice! That is a great model, and you've done a beautiful job painting it. I didn't realize that he was casting and selling them. I definitely need to pick one up - thanks for sharing!

  2. Great mention, and for ten bucks that is a quality fig. Your darker color scheme suits him very well, rock on.

  3. Awesome miniatures! Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. 3650 Days - it's been exactly ten years today since this first post of yours. Thanks for the fun ride.


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