SCWH Traitor Guard part 5: 4 more Kitbashed troops

I built 4 more kitbashed troops out of all my old bitz. At this point I am running out pretty much everything and I am stuck to cutting up arms and legs to make them fit. It's fun, sometimes I get a bit desparate, but so far all of my models look really different. Here's the new group:
The guy on the left: I sculpted his entire right arm up to his glove. The legs are from some obscure model, John gave me a few sprues of those models. The head is from Maxmini.
2nd to left: torso and legs from the same obscure model range, head from Valkyrie pilot set.
3rd from left: empire arms, guard torso and max mini head.
on the right: max mini gun, bretonnian archer head, catachan legs.

The guys on the right have old storm trooper back packs, the ones on the left have back packs from Secret Weapon. I am going to do a quick post next week on backpacks. it's fun!

EDIT: one of readers found out what the obscure mini range was that I have some sprues of: i found a review of those models here . Thanks to Da Masta Cheef

SC Mike


  1. 'obscure miniature range' = the old Warzone (prior to pre painted stuff) starter box Ducal militia minis.


  2. Nice stuff, love the orange fatigues.


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