SCWH Night Goblins Army: a start

Well, after doing some trading in town, I was able to get a bunch of goblins from the old boxset and I have painted up a few models to get me started.
The idea is to make a 1000 point night goblin army and I am searching for a good army list that would make that army playable and have a shot to win once in a while. Here's an army link on Warseer that I am keeping an eye on:

warseer 1000 pt nightgoblin army

Here are the models I painted up. Remember, I will have to paint up many nightgoblins, so I worked on a relatively quick pace to see if it still looked good:

I spent some time painting up this River Troll, which was great fun:

Here are the two night goblins: the first one is an old Blood Bowl model I have laying around. 

I extended the chain and ball a bit and added some mushrooms from the finecast mangler squig set. My buddy Christian gave me the mushrooms and the 4 goblins that go with the set. Which leads me to the second fanatic Christian had given me this guy plus the little snotling and gave me the idea to put the two together:

The snow on the bases is created using Secret Weapon Crushed glass with water effects. Here's a tutorial on how it works: it's very easy and it looks extremely realistic:

Snow Tutorial

I have been looking around for squigs on ebay and will keep looking. Anyone know anything, let me know!

SC Mike