SCWH Night Goblins Army: a new take on Wolfriders!

Through some local trades I was able to beef up my rank and file considerably in recent weeks. In the last lot there were also some GW wolfriders, that looked like this:

But I wanted a bit more dynamic posing, at least for the first rank. So I grabbed some leftover Fenrisian Wolves and some Goblin models: two from the Mangler Squig set and one fanatic. Here's what came from it:

It's amazing how great the two models go together: the wolves are prefectly sized and look very wild.

 Of course the Goblins are holding on for dear life: it makes the scene funny, which is what miss in so many of the new GW models.

I did a mediocre job on sculpting a few chains but once painted I think it will do just fine.

Now I need to decide to either stick with these three or find more fanatics and buy  some SW wolves and make the rest. The unit would look great!
Modeling the shields will be tough, I was thinking of adding small ones to their arms or onto their back.

SC Mike


  1. The wild riders there look really good!

  2. Hah! Those are great - I love how animated they turned out. Brilliant work, man!

  3. Very characterful conversions - how are the wolves size wise compared to the original kit?

  4. Fantastic conversion work - they do look great together. The chains look great too. Best, dean

  5. thanks all, much appreciated for the feedback. Once it's painted you will get an update.
    Muppet: the original wolves are actually just a bit smaller, but because of their stagnant poses, they look a lot smaller. I think they work great, proportion wise


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