The Knights of Santa Cruz Winner and Finished Models

With 14 knights entered the winner was drawn, and the winner is Glenn Barnett. As you can see we had a very nice turnout of nicely painted models, Glenn wins all the knights and an army book donated by our local gaming store Mythic Games.

We thought the knights looked so good we would show them in close up with the names of the painters, click the pics for nice big images

Sebastian Naitsabes

Glenn Davis

Jen Slinger

Jen Slinger

Michael Rivera

Scott Sivera

Jody Kropholler 

SC John

SC John

Shoeless Joe Lai

Mike Maraldo

SC Mike

Glenn Barnett 

Michael Dunsmore

this was a fun project and I think they all look great together, stay tuned we have a new project coming up and we really want you to participate, and all you have to do is paint one Space Marine!


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