Ahh, the ongoing projects....

I think I can speak for many of you when I say that I feel overstretched, distracted and without enough time to finish all the modeling projects that I am so excited about. I keep telling myself it's OK, "you still have a lifetime of modeling ahead of you", but when your buddies start putting some ultimatums on you, it makes you think. So today I am taking stock.

1. 1000 point mirror list
Every heard of this insane idea? Everyone in your modeling group agrees on building the exact (i mean exact) same Space Marine list. Can be any army, but no army specific weapons or rules. For some reason, all my friends put this together in a matter of weeks, but I have completely imploded on it.

I received this entire army from SC John in a ziplock bag, all battered old models with crazy amounts of paints on them. I figured it would be interesting to NOT strip but instead paint over all of them and see if they could look decent. While John handed over the bag, he threatened: "better get started on this...", then in a friendly, wishing voice: "I just want to play games with my friends..it would be so great if you could also be there..."
 Ah, I know I am such a turtle when it comes to painting. The armor is almost done and I am happy with it, but repainting old space marines takes me forever.

BUT it will have to get done and I might just start a series with all our 1000 point armies to give myself a kick in the butt. I need deadlines! 

2. Bolt Action British Eight Army
This past week I finally finished all the 15 models I put together 8 months ago along with a tank.It felt great and I really enjoyed putting the group together for a family picture. 
Of course the box set from Perry Miniatures has 38 models in it, so that leaves 23 models unbuilt, unpainted.....but finishing this group was a personal victory for me!

3. Spacewolves
With the new rule set my Wolfwing went out the door and I am faced with retooling the Wolves. First I modeled this guy, a psyker Inquisitor, Lord Coteaz!
Then the wolves:
and now a few Contemptor Dreadnoughts, one of which I put together as a relic dreadnought over the past few days. Here's an artsy shot of that guy:
Here is another Landraider that also fits in this army, but the one on the right is not ready yet, and I haven't touched him in 6 months or so....but it should be there when I am ready!

4. Bolt Action US Army Northern Italy
This is the army I feel most satisfied about right now. I love playing Bolt Action and the army is painted up, so each time I get a model for it, I can finish it and feel that the army is complete. Over the last three weeks I worked on this little jeep and I enjoyed creating a small family shot as well. I will do a post on the jeep this coming month.

5. What else is there? Well these guys:

So in sum, there are so many models still to build and paint. I generally don't get to play much so the deadlines of having units ready before a game don't really happen often. So it all boils down to a good feeling about a project; it can happy suddenly one morning. I FEEL like painting some goblins and BAM, I manage to paint one or two. And then they go back to sleep. 

Does anyone else recognize the behavior in this post? If so share some stories, and links.

SC Mike


  1. That is so many projects. Here is a bit of mine to make you feel better.

    1) Honorguard/vanguard vets for templars
    2) sternguard for templars
    3) Ork stompa
    4) Ork gorkanaut
    5) Ork mega dread
    6) Finishing three killa kans
    7) Ork Deff Dread (theme here!)
    8) Ork Big Mek
    9) Ork Painboy.
    10) Malifaux resserectionists
    11) objective markers

  2. Almost there Mike, just a few more marines! Better get it finished or I'm sending John over there.

  3. wow. that does make me feel better!

  4. now I will have to watch my back


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