It seems we've all been quite busy lately. SC Mike has been painting and converting up an incredible Nurgle warband. He's already challenged me to a match soon too! I can't wait!
Here's some of his stuff:
The latest corrupted brother
The warband grows!
 More Poxwalkers

I've been working on my Primaris forces, albeit slowly.
I've got a squad of Hellblasters and a squad of Intercessors assembled, primed and ready to paint. Here's a pic:

Primaris Intercessors ready for paint
Our friend Pezman is preparing to run a Blood bowl 7's league in a couple of weeks so I've also been getting my team assembled and modifying my pitch - more on that later.

SC John has also been corrupted by Nurgle and is working on his new Nurgle army as well. Here's a peek of what he's been up to:

Poxwalkers & friends

Plague Marines & more!