Last week, the Santa Cruz Warhammer team decided to do something we haven't done in quite awhile...start up our once-a-month game night.

Though our first one was a modest affair (only SC Mike, SC John and myself SC Glenn were present), we had a great time. SC Mike taught SC John and I how to play the old GW boardgame Judge Dredd.

Being a huge Judge Dredd fan myself, I was amazed that I had never played this one before. Though I've played the J.D. roleplaying game many times.

This game is quite fun and at times brutal when you use cards 'against' your fellow players to slow down or hinder their progress.

A good time was had by all!
As SC Glenn moves his judge, SC John is plotting how to thwart him.

The game board near the end...Judge Pike just can't seem to stay out of the Infirmary for long!

~SC Glenn