Monday, June 17, 2019

RT Wolf-Time Campaign Update

Now that it’s summer and I’m done grading papers for a bit, I can finally get back to painting up my Archangels marines and prepare for the Wolf-Time Campaign with my friend Kevin. I’m nearly done with only about a dozen more marines to finish off.

I wanted to share the evolution of my chapters’ logo.
In this first image, these three marines show early renditions of an “angelic-themed” icon.
 The guy on the far right is supposed to show a stylized angel... the three dots representing the head and hands with the v shape representing wings and body. This was easy to paint but lame and boring. So the icon in the middle came about. It’s supposed to look a little more like the Dark Angels wings and I painted up a bunch like this but I still wasn’t happy. I originally only painted this one guy with the winged sword icon (left) which I was happy with, but was not looking forward to going back and changing. (And no... I have no idea how his base melted and warped!)

 It was right about then that the water decals (or if you're Australian "dekkles") came out. that must've been around 1989-1990. So I switched to a yellow circle with a red Dark Angels icon which really “popped!” These two guys and many other were done up like these two.

Now going back and prepping for the campaign, I’ve decided that my troops will have the yellow & red icon (I still have a ton of those decals somewhere...) while most of the officers will get the old-school painted winged-sword. My hands aren’t as steady as they used to be, but they look ok enough. These two are nearly finished, with just some wash and basing to go... plus a red DA icon for the yellow shoulder.

This last guy was painted way back in 1988 but somehow got all broken and scuffed up. After re-gluing and replacing the broken bitz, I painted over his original icon and “honored” him with a painted winged-sword. (There's a black, blasted out bolter hole in the middle of the icon which used to be huge and bleeding, but I green-stuffed it a bit to make it smaller)

SC Glenn

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