Oldhammer, Citadel C27 Hogman


courtsey Stuff of Legends

After creating the C38 pre-slotta range of fantastical chaos beasts in  1984, Citadel moved some of the sculpts over to C27 slotta based minis in  1985. With that move to the tabs, they released some new sculpts as well, and they were still really, really strange. Hogman is truly a bizarre creature with the body of a bear (?) and the head of a hog, with a third arm on top of that. Of course it's a wonderfully appropriate creature and I loved working on it. 

I went for a very colorful look but a very subdued base, to create good contrast. The pictures are pretty bad but one of these days I will redo all of them.

I realize that there are hardly any painted versions of the C38 and C27 online and Stuff of Legends does not have painted versions. Often with rare, old minis, SoL will set the tone for how to paint some of these, but since there are none, I figured I put up my modest efforts, to add some options or inspiration for painters wanting to tackle one of these minis!

SC Mike