Oldhammer: Citadel Talisman Monk 1985

In the mid eighties Citadel released a bunch of metal minis for the second edition of Talisman. In the first wave, the highlight was the Monk, a wonderful mini full of character and story. The monk is a simple but really effective sculpt. The mini is not stuffed with details and tells a great tale: 'I come in peace, but don't anger me'. The 'hidden' mace behind his back is such a great detail of this sculpt. Combine that with a sort of serial killer face and you have a perfect Citadel mini.

When painting him, I  moved away from the color scheme on the card, because it looked too flat to me. I did add some blood to the back of the mace (he's hiding that from the character he is engaging) and of course I added the tiny catchlights in his eyes, which really make the image come alive. 

I will add that this mini is just a wonderful thing to paint up, there is plenty of room all around the body, not overstuffed with details and the curves on the cloth are wide and round. If you don't feel super confident about your painting skills, try this guy, he will surely help you become a better and more comfortable painter.

SC Mike


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