Oldhammer: building better bases for your old Heroquest minis!

Well, the idea behind this blog since I started it in 2007, was to do simple things to make your minis look better; and my buddy SC John and I really wanted to come up with things that anyone could do, not just really good modelers. I have always been an average painter and modeler and that suits me fine, I love this hobby and like to write about it now and then but always to make tips accessible and fairly easy.

Allright, so here's the tutorial on how to make rocky bases to make your original Heroquest minis look a bit more interesting.

1. cut off the mold lines on your mini - these figures have thick mold lines so use a sharp blade and a file and make them go away

2. cut off your mini - not that easy actually. Be super careful, both with your fingers and with the shoes and toes of your minis. It takes a bit of practice, so start with one, but not the zombie, he is the hardest. After the mini is off, go around the feet with small scissors and cut off excess plastic. 

Put some green stuff together and let it sit for 15 min

3. With something flat, like another HQ mini, flatten the green stuff ball into roughly the area you want to be covered on the base. Use a bit of water to not make it stick.  I like to keep edges all around, but remember each mini has it's own footprint, so make sure whatever you do, make sure the feet fit. 

4. With a blade cut some rough rocky cracks all around. Use more pressure at the edge of the green stuff and less when you move inward. Just play around a bit until you like it.

5. once all the cracks are in, use something rough to give the green stuff a bit of surface texture. I am using an old resin rock but it can be anything as long as it breaks up the smoothness of the green stuff a bit.

6. With the silicone sculpting tool (but anything flat will do), push up the edges of the green stuff and make sure you create sturdy and flat sides with good corners and edges. Makes painting a lot easier!

7. After the green stuff is dry (about 4 hours), glue your model on with superglue and also put down a bit of sand, so give the rock a bit of surface texture and grit.

8. After all that, give your guy a paint job! Here's a before and after and also a couple mummies I did this week. 

Its a really easy method to make your minis look a lot better. Give it a try and hope this inspires!

SC Mike