Oldhammer: Gargog the Unstoppable

                                                                                             courtesy of Stuff of Legends 

Gargog, the forever running Chaos warrior, struck me as one of the most dynamic oldhammer minis Citadel ever made. There are really not a lot of sculpts that are in full running mode - in the CH2 range from 1985 he really stands out. It's almost like he doesn't fit in, compared to the other models, and although we know which sculptors worked on the range (Jes Goodwin, Bob Naismith, Aly Morrison) I am not sure which of those three made Gargog.  I am going with Jen Goodwin, the mini sort of reminds me of the woodelves that he would sculpt later in the decade. 

Gargog is a great mini to paint for a painter like me, simple, straightforward and without too much detail. His Skull Mask, his coat of mail, the cape and the spear, that's about it.  But at the same time, the model is so dynamic, you just can't resist him. A really great detail in the mini is the jaw that's visible right under the skull, and you can see his mouth and teeth, clearly belonging to a wild and deranged warrior. It's a really great detail.

The original model actually comes with a bit of metal going from the back of the tab to his back foot for more stability but I took it off. I think it looks a lot better without. You can see that below in the sales pic

Looking around for paint jobs on Gargog, I was surprised no one painted him with bare legs. Pretty sure that's how the model is supposed to be but even some GW art shows him with pants painted on. Not sure what's going on there. 

I recommend you finding this little guy, he's a great mini and not that popular,  I would think you could find him for 10 bucks somewhere and enjoy a week of painting.

SC Mike