Oldhammer: Marauder MM10-DW1 Dwarf

image courtesy of bugmansbrewery.com

The Marauder Dwarf range is an old favorite with so many collectors and I am no different. Out of the 179  I have around 110 at this point and am always on the lookout to add to my collection. Recently I started cataloging the ones I have an realized I hardly have any MM10 minis, which ironically is the largest set of them. But I did have number DW1 in that set and figured I should paint him up. On the original catalog page you can see him on the left bottom, second from left.

I decided early on to base all the Marauder minis on round bases, so they have a bit more room to create some interest around the feet. I made it look like they were inside a mine, so they will all get the black and blue treatment. 

Eyes on the Marauder dwarfs are crucial and the sculpts give painters plenty of room to add character that way. When I paint eyes, I always add a tiny white catchlight into the color eyeball, to give it all a bit of life.

The Marauder Dwarf sculpts are so successful because they combine some crucial elements of a great miniature really successfully: large faces, which adds character, not too much detail on the bodies, which makes the image look less cluttered, and easy to paint up due to the design and room for paintbrushes to get everywhere around the sculpt. It makes for a really enjoyable experience and its definitely a range that is suited for average painters like myself.

SC Mike