Oldhammer: Kirgund Widowmaker, Citadel Chaos Dwarf, 1985

 I have painted the second mini for my Oldhammer Mordheim warband: a chaos dwarf from the mid eighties, named Kirgund Widowmaker or Sword 5 in the D3 range. The Chaos Dwarf range for 2nd ed was introduced in 1986 in White Dwarf and adverts. Kirgund is not in the White Dwarf color ad from 86 but does show up later in adverts, he is in the BW image on the left bottom. His tab says 1985.

        catalog images courtesy of Stuff of Legends 

                                                                                        Image courtesy of chaos-dwarf.com

Sculpted by the Perry twins, they are considered classics and they actually hold up beautfully. The Chaos dwarfs were not that chaos looking yet, and they look rather tame as bad dudes. So I will be using my mini as a good guy, protecting the Wizard boss of my little gang. 

I am painting my whole band in muted colors of red and grey with some brown highlights here and there. You can see that in the dwarf his beard is brown, the wizard has his brown horse and staff. Once they are all painted I am hoping that the whole thing will come together visually. More to come!

SC Mike