Oldhammer: Citadel F5 Paladin, 1986

 In my quest to finish a 500 point Oldhammer Mordheim warband, I painted up the 4th mini of the 6 model band, Lord Anum, a Citadel Paladin from 1986. He is a wonderfully dynamic mini, caught in some heroic action to defend his boss, the wizard. In the Mordheim list he is a 130 point Man at Arms, so an important character.

Just like with the other minis in this group, I am painting him in three major colors: grey, red and brown. Of course I mix it up on all minis, but as a completed team, they will look like they belong together. The group is from the Empire city Altdorf, so the shield got the correct heraldry.
The Paladins are cool models, and I have a couple more of them.  Although the names (check them out on the image below) seem a bit silly now, almost 40 years later, those titles do reminds us all that Games Workshop was all about fun and having a good, silly time in those days. That is firmly over of course, since the company has now put profits and seriousness over fun and lightheartedness in a major way. Hey, I am happy we have these wonderful models to play around with so it's all good!

SC Mike


  1. I have le Marquis de Sword, minus the sword. Well actually te sword is knocking around somewhere after I cut it off, le Marquis could be anywhere. I also have Sir Geoffrey the Archer, which I still rate as one of the coolest figures I own. I do think he needs a repaint though, despite the Humbrol Enamels holding up so well.

    1. yeah, we didn't think much about cutting off swords back in the day... time to strip Sir Georffrey and paint him up again!


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