Oldhammer: Citadel Fiend Factory 48, Desert Nomad

Working on my oldhammer Mordheim warband, I finished up a quick paint job on the Desert Nomad, or FF48-2. In my warband he is actually a soldier, and a stealthy one at that, so I painted him up in dark clothing. I imaging him being sent into old ruins by his wizard boss:  "make it quick and quiet please". 

The mini is from 1982 and was part of the Fiend Factory range. There were two FF48 desert nomads, version 1 had a loose sword and version 2 (this one) was a one piece cast. On version 1, I noticed that on Stuff of Legends  the mini actually doesn't have his sword - I assume they are pretty rare and easy to lose.

                                                                                                            image courtesy of lost minis wiki

After Citadel lost the license to produce the FF range, the nomad was absorbed into the C04 Thieves range. I could not find an advert or catalog image of the nomad in the FF range, but below you can see him drawn in the C04 range. Of course this mini was a solid base model.

                                                                                                           image courtesy of Stuff of Legends

Minis from this time period don't have a lot of detail, you can 'see' the sculpting material, but at the same time, they are really effective and the pose of this mini is spot on. As a 25 mm model, I had to raise him a bit on the base to give him a proper height, but even then, it's OK to have taller and shorter people in the Mordheim game right?

Hope this inspires to hunt down some preslottas for yourself!

More updates on the warband soon!

SC Mike


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