Genestealer Cult Project: Part 1, the start

After reading White Dwarf 116 and the awesome 1000 pt Army list for the Genestealer Cult, I knew I had to do something with them. I gathered WD 114 115 and 116 together and went through all the articles and decided I would just replicate the army list in the last issue. It's a classic group and the images from that army, with the two limos are absolute classics. 

Through my trading group Oldhammer USA/CAN I have been able to collect some minis that are needed to recreate this army list from White Dwarf 116:

The army list doesn't ask much in the way of classic Genestealer minis, which are of course really hard to find, but the ones that are in the list are mostly converted - ugh - I would hate to have to demolish an oldhammer mini. Finding the 24 time appropriate guardsmen will be the real challenge, but thank goodness for oldhammer friends, you know who you are!  Anyway, I painted up a test model for the army:
The paint scheme was copied from this wonderful set, painted by Stone Cold Lead miniature panting, Simon, who did an incredible job on these; muted and really smooth:
image courtesy of Stone Cold Lead Painting

My painting skills are not that good, so mine looks a bit more heavy handed, but I really liked color scheme, here's my mini in some terrain:

Next thing to do is to build the whole army list, and rebuild some of the mins. I already I need to create one of the 3rd gen gene stealers with a flamer, so instead of cutting of the autogun, I will have to greenstuff the nuzzle and liquid reservoir, so the original mini is still intact....

SC Mike