Vintage Miniatures: Citadel Spacefarers S42, 1980

Recently I received a big batch of old minis and one of them was the Security Robot S42 from the Citadel Spacefarer range. Most of that range was created in 1979 and 80, so they are old minis, but mine was still in the 'blister' and looked like new. The model was sculpted by Alan Perry. 

Spacefarers are considered a precursor to Warhammer 40K, and its rules came out in 1981. It was a skirmish game in which small groups of minis battle each other using (now) well-known rules, like movement, shoot, close combat etc. Steve from the blog Alegis Downport does an excellent post on the rules of this game, which you can find HERE. Below are a few images of Steve's copy of the rules, with some fun artwork as well. 

image courtesy of Alegis Downport

image courtesy of Alegis Downport

image courtesy of Alegis Downport

The mini is vintage, which means there is not a great amount of detail and with my limited paint skills I decided right away that I wanted to 'hide' the model in a scene and keep it dark to obscure the poor casting and lack of crispness, but also my painting skills. So first I based him on a classic 40K-style base and raised him a bit. I knew I was going for a lava base, so I kept the front half of the base totally clean.

The model is actually pretty tall and standing on the base it's over 2 inches in height, it was clearly meant to be a tall mini for a 25mm game.  

The paint job was pretty easy, I kept the mini dark and did a minimal amount of highlighting except for the reflections from the lava. 

I noticed during research that this particular model was missing from Lost Minis Wiki, so I tracked down the admin of that page and had him add the image. Small things help the overall community but it's pretty unusual for me to get ahold of an obscure model. 

Throughout the modeling and painting I felt really blessed to have run into a mini that is so old, sculpted by a legend and still looked like new - the whole experience was great and I am happy with the result. Maybe I will run into another Spacefarer one of these years...

                                                                       SC Mike