More C38 Beastmen!

 I have been absolutely loving painting old school minis from the early 80's over the last month. I have been tearing through my limited stock of C38 Chaos Beastmen minis: sculpted by Trish Carden in 1984, these preslottas are of course classic miniatures - it's my favorite range to date. They are hard to find, but I have been able to get ahold of a few and I was gifted a few as well (Tim W...) and I am so grateful for them. Thanks!

 First a catalog pic of the old range:

                                                                   courtesy of Stuff of Legends

First up: Beast Man with mace. One of two minis in the range that are literally unnamed. I actually asked Trish why, but she could not remember, maybe there is just no name to be made up for this guy....

I painted him in red and pink. Just like all the minis in this warband, I want the colors to pop and look strange. Of course the basing is all the same, which will tie the unit together once they are all done.

Next up is Walrus Man, who is on the catalog pic on the right bottom. I love this mini, with his wonderful face and big moustache. I tried to make his shield look like wood instead of metal.

In enjoy discovering details in the sculpt that I didn't see in the unpainted state, in this case I was surprised by the chest hair and accentuated it a lot. 

Here's Walrus Man leading the charge!

Here's the great Camel Man! This is an incredible mini once painted. The face is so well done - the sculpt is truly amazing. It's a weird mini, which is good, but the expression on his face is a masterpiece, and I really enjoyed discovering it while painting.

And lastly I painted Sloth Man, another incredible sculpt with an expressive face. I have learned that most of these Beastmen have been sculpted with almost melancholy faces, like you feel a bit bad for them. It's a testament to the skill of Trish Carden - these minis have held up so well. 

Next post I will highlight some of the other minis I painted up this month from other ranges, but still part of this warband: C22 Creatures and C27 Chaos Beastmen. 

SC Mike