C38/C27 Chaos Beastmen project: update


After 4 months I have reached a standstill in my Chaos Beastman Project: I have no more minis to paint....they are so hard to find that at this point! So I will start some other, smaller projects. But here's the update on all the minis that have been painted since my last post. So here they are:

C38 Beast Man

C27 Pig Man

C38 Seahorse Man

C38 Bird Man

C27 Blob Head

C38 Slug Man v1

C38 Slug Man v2

C38 Crab Man

C38 Fish Man

C38 Snake Man

C27 Tiger Man

C38 Fly Man

C38 Goat Man

C27 Chaos Snake Man

I made a composite of the original C38 catalog page with my minis on it: you can see which ones I am missing at this point; late April 2022:

I also created a Gallery with all the minis in it: the link is on the home page on the right but also HERE

Hope you all enjoy this set and onto more painting!

SC Mike