Grenadier AD&D Wizards Project Part 3: it's finished!


I finally finished the Grenadier Wizard project with the painting of the last two wizards - wow, it's all done! I also wanted to show the display base I created for it AND I shot a few dramatic scenes to put these guys in their worlds - let's get started!

Here are the last two guys:

Wizard D, Magic User

and Wizard F, Mage

That makes the whole team complete:

I strengthened the base with some resin discard pieces and cut it following the contours of the base. Then used greenstuff to create some terrain on it and added grit and primer- easy!

I also gave the extra spell, the Hand, it's own little place on the tray.

here are some fancy scenes:

This was such a fun project, I learned a lot about Grenadier, the sculptor Andrew Chernak and how these minis were made. They really look excellent for designs made in 79 and 80. Thanks for everyone who was kind enough to comment and support! A link to the gallery is HERE

SC Mike


  1. Those models bring back a ton of old memories. In Season 4 of Stranger Things, the camera briefly lingers on a model I recognize as the paladin from the Specialists box, which was pretty cool too. I loved all those original box covers (before they moved to a rather boring red box with image inset). Very cool project!

    1. SC Mike: thanks! yeah I also noticed that shot in Stranger Things...great stuff


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