2022 Single minis!

I mostly worked on bigger projects this year, like the Citadel Golden Heroes, the classic 1984 Chaos Beastmen and the Grenadier Wizards, but I also painted up some single miniatures and since the end of the year is near, I figured I put those on the blog. So here we go:

Iron Claw Squat Captain, sculpted by Bob Olley, 1988

The Iron Claw range was absorbed back into the Citadel catalogue, you can see this mini near the middle:

Iron Claw Skeleton Guard, sculpted by Bob Olley, 1987

Citadel Fantasy Tribes Troll Hurling Rock, sculpted by Tom Meier, 1982

Citadel Ogre, sculpted by Michael Perry, 1993. The banner is made from a soda can. 

In total I painted 54 minis this year...with that slow tempo I will never ever finish my oldhammer collection...
2023 will have a focus on a unit of Imperial Dwarves, sculpted by the Perry twins for Citadel in 1986. Stay tuned!

SC Mike


  1. Once again great looking minis. The glowing weapons on the skeleton are particularly effective. But you can't beat the troll. An Oldhammer classic.

  2. I painted a couple, well four, very old Citadel miniatures, I didn't know they were particularly rare, they were given to me, I believe won in a Man O War painting contest. I kinda felt bad after I painted them as some people were trying to collect the whole set and I had one random one from a blister which likely isn't so common in an unpainted state in 2022. Who knows what I'll dig out next, I'm repainting or at least touching up some vintage 90s models for a long time again. Keep up the good work.

    1. hey thanks and yeah - do a little retouching - it will always be better! Thanks for the interest!


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