Citadel Imperial Dwarfs!

After sorting my Citadel dwarfs I discovered I had 10 Imperial Dwarfs, sculpted by the Perry twins and released in 1987. These are real fighting dwarfs and some of them look like little knights, with the (now) legendary sculpted helmet ornamentations. The red catalog from 1991 lists over 80 Imperial dwarfs, but in the mid 80's only an original 24 were released in two waves of 12 under that name. These 10 are from those sets. 

White Dwarf 80 ad

I decided to paint the 10 I have and make them into a cohesive unit with all unique outfits, but matching colors from the bottom of the standard color wheel. 

I only used uniform colors from below the black stripe plus black. All belts were painted brown and the hair was randomly painted. 

The banner for the standard bearer was created in the Nigel Stillman way, cut out of an old soda can and bent after painting.

The shields are all the original small goblin/dwarf shield sprue. I only wanted to use round shields, they are the ones that have no texture on the back and have a front surface of about 8 mm not counting the rim. I gave the back a moderate, painted-on wood texture and the front of the shields got some simple rune designs. 

The bases are all painted with the Goblin Green and Sunburst Yellow from the 1994 Citadel Paint set. Both the green and the yellow were still in perfect shape, even after almost 30 years. The wash was green ink from early 2000.

Here are some more of the lads

I created a gallery for the finished squad with front, shield and back of each mini; link is HERE

SC Mike


  1. Not normally a fan of the green painted base style of the 90's period. But these look great. Obviously helps having some of the classic dwarves from back in the day. If I pick then the guy in the red /blue is my favourite. He has real swagger.

    1. SC Mike here: thanks Rob! Yeah, had not done the green bases ever, so was fun for this group. I would not have done it if the paint was not original. The guy in red/blue is a real badass

  2. Interesting way to choose your colour palette by splitting the colour wheel.....I may have to try it sometime. Amazing to see the old citadel paints in use. I have only one hex bottle left that is rapidly drying out as the cap is cracked.

    1. SC Mike here: thanks, yeah it was randomly chosen (top or bottom) but after the choice was made, it was fun to come up with different sets of colors for the uniforms

  3. Replies
    1. SC Mike here: thanks Clem! They are such great sculpts and really fun to work on!


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