C38 and C27 and C34 Chaos Beastmen project update!

Through some luck, some scouring the internet and generous donations, I have another 10 or so classic miniatures from the classic 1984-85 Chaos Beastmen ranges to get thru. This set also includes the two, rarer, Chaos Beastmen Raiders that were sculpted for this group although It got a different catalog number: C34. More about those later.

So as a recap, the Citadel C38 Chaos Beastmen came out in 1984, were preslotta and were all sculpted by Trish Carden. It was Trish's first project as a young sculptor for the company. There are 26 sculpts. Some of those sculpts got moved over in 1985 to a slotta version of the range with some new and some existing ones. C27 has a total of 20 minis. There are some extra, uncatalogued ones, but I am leaving those out for clarity.

I painted one new member of these sets, the awesome looking Owl Man, who appears in both ranges. My version was the C27 one, it had a slotta base.

It's a wonderful mini with a very evocative pose and beautiful clothing. It's a joy to paint, really. The rest of my minis are preslotta C38's and I have some of them already lined up and primed:

The Chaos Beastmen Raiders are really interesting. The two official ones under the C34 range are creepy and chaosy - just perfect, with two different mounts and two different riders. Here are the catalog images and my painted versions. 

Here's the price of them in a Citadel close out sale in 1986:

There are also some additional versions out there of these, with at least one of them for sure sculpted by Trish: the one piece Chaos Raider. He is super rare, but some one in the Oldhammer Community sent me pic of his version.

Then there is this two headed, centaur like mini, of which we don't know anything, but is has definitely found it's way out of the studio. Trish Carden said she she didn't sculpt it and Alan Merrett, studio director at the time, could not remember this one. Well, interesting to say the least. Needless to say, I would love to find both of these to add them to the gang, painted and all. 

Here's a family shot of all the minis painted to so far on their custom made trays:

Catalog images kindly borrowed from Stuff of Legends.

Here's a post with an interview I did with Trish on her classic debut: HERE

Feel free to stop by the gallery of all the minis that are finished so far with front and back shots; gallery is HERE

SC Mike


  1. Awesome painting, as always. Such a unique project, with great (and rare) sculpts getting some well deserved attention.

    1. SC Mike: thanks Zero23: yeah these minis were or are underrated - they exemplify the perfect blend between true Chaos Bizarre and Oldschool Oldhammer!

  2. I'm loving this series. The owl looks fantastic, great work with the yellows and rich red cloak lining. I really like the horse sculpt with the extra legs....the rider sculpt not so much. Great colour gradients on the horse feathers on the other horse(beast)man.

    1. SC Mike: thanks Dave, thanks for the kind words on the paint job. The sculpts are very strange and that makes them really stand out from where design would go soon after


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