Painting and framing a Bretonnian Sprue from 1996!


I wanted to create an original gift for a friend and got inspired by the sprue painting I see from time to time. So I dug into the Warhammer 5th Edition Starter set from the mid nineties and chose the classic Bretonnian archers sprue. My idea was to paint the minis only and then mount it into a little shadow box. 

The little sprues look like this:

I had to tape off the entire sprue before the priming and painting. Once I finished one of the minis, I could not help myself and took off half the tape...

And here's the finished sprue! I painted them in some classic Bret colors and made it very vibrant so that the models stand out in the frame.

I wanted to mount the models in the frame with some space behind them, so they look like they are floating. So I drilled holes into the back of the sprue and used some paperclips to create two pins. After that I drilled two holes in the backdrop in frame.

The frame had a beige, light background so I had to paint it black, which makes the minis stand out more

And here's the finished project! The gift has been handed off; I really enjoyed this excursion into something different!

SC Mike