2023 ongoing Oldhammer projects

 Last time I posted painted miniatures was in February of this year - I have been busier than ever with the hobby, but did not find the time to post them on the blog. So I figure I correct that with this post. 

First my Golden Heroes project! All the minis in this obscure preslotta range were sculpted by Aly Morrison in 1984. I am closing in on getting the entire range of 30 minis collected and painted. Here are the minis I finished this year so far:

Citadel Golden Heroes Super Villain GH2 E

Citadel C40 03

Citadel Golden Heroes Super Villain GH2 A

Citadel Golden Heroes Super Villain GH2 D

Citadel Golden Heroes Super Villain GH2 F

I painted up three birthday gifts this year for my three oldhammer/warhammer buddies:

This Tom Meier Zombie dragon, released by Citadel in 1986. I had to resculpt his front right leg and his back left leg, but it all worked out all right. This was a birthday gift.

I painted up an intact sprue of the Warhammer Fantasy 5th edition starter set from the mid nineties. After painting I mounted it in a frame and gifted it to one of my buddies as a thank you for being there during the cancer journey.

Lastly I painted up an Oldhammer style new mini from Satyr Miniatures, a witch, which was gifted to a third friend, also as a thank you for the love received during the cancer journey.

I have been working for a few years on my main project - collect and paint all the Chaos Beastmen, released by Citadel in 1984 and all sculpted by Trish Carden. Here are the ones I have painted in the last few months:


Sea Camel


And then finally I restarted my work on the ongoing Talisman project, both collecting and painting all the Talisman minis from mid 80's thru mid 90's. All the metals were sculpted by Aly Morrison and Trish Carden:
Expansion, Rogue

Expansion, Satyr

Original set, Ghoul

Original set, Sorceress

Timescape, Chainsaw Warrior

Timescape, Astronaut

That's it for now, I have been really productive despite the whole cancer journey that I am in the middle of - it's been great for my mental state to keep painting - it's the best hobby!

SC Mike


  1. Excellent entry as usual ! Many Oldhammer delights. It's hard to single one any out but the Golden Heroes probably take the prize, I haven't seen them anywhere else. Although I do rather like the Talisman Ghoul as I had one back in the 80's.

    1. Thanks Rob! The Golden Heroes are really obscure and it feels good to give them some love. The ghoul was wonderful to paint - maybe find yourself another one!

  2. Great work and interesting figures, as always!

  3. Wow, keep up the good work. Everything old is new. People tried to shame me for running Rogue Trader era models in 10th Edition, but they were painted and armed correctly, so they continue the Long War.


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