Thursday, May 21, 2009

New Backpacks for the Ardwick 23rd Imperial Guard

I have been working a bit on my Ardwick 23rd Imperial Guard.

you can view previous posts on them here and here .

My backpacks from Max Mini arrived and I wasted no time in using them.

I wanted everyone to have a backpack and gear, I imagine these guys as rugged footsloggers loaded down with full kit, so a backpack was important to get that across.

Great castings and price, 10 backpacks and some other bits per package.

It took a bit of clipping to the mini to fit well. ( it is the fully molded cheap verison, I think it will work better on the normal 10 in a box guys.)

After some paint, a wash and some highlights, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.



  1. The packs look great, I havnt read the guard codex, but from a full kit standpoint, could you add an entrenching tool, because you can lose just about anything, but not your shovel!

  2. Ah, what a useful link! I'ts always annoyed me that guard dont come with kit bags, so thanks for showing me somewhere where I can get some.

    Great model as well mate, good job!

  3. Your Ardwick 23rd are looking great, the extra effort put to getting the back packs and gas masks has really paid off. They're some of the best looking guard i've seen, the painting is top notch.

  4. Very nice. Do you have a front view?

  5. Very nice the backpacks look great :)

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