Friday, July 17, 2009

Imperial Guard Flamers with brand new West Wind Heads

West Wind, the company that produces the great 'Separate Head System', gave us some as of yet unreleased new head sculpts to try out. John used them in a post here and I showed some IG veteran flamers here. They are now painted and I just wanted to share with all of you how well these heads work for our models. No sales pitch, it's just true. The different heads give your models lots of character.
Reading Gaunts Ghosts, you realize that all these soldiers have been at it for a long time and are allowed to use their own gear as long as they do duty to the Emperor. The one thing that is still unresolved is the lack in body difference: tall, short, skinny, big etc. Using older models and a host of fantasy models (like Bretonnians) can resolve that and I am going to work on that in the near future.
Anyway, here are the 3 veterans:
They wear the proud should insignia of the Bishkek 2nd, 1st regiment, that has been fighting in a desert setting for years..

Another Give Away!
West Wind has been so kind as to donate a bunch of heads to Santa Cruz Warhammer for us to give away. We will do that next week, just like the last few times, except this time we will draw 3 winners and we will make 3 baggies with a nice assortment! Keep checking in it to find out more!

Have fun, be inspired, inspire others!


  1. Awesome conversion and paint job!

  2. Hmm. Those heads look pretty promising. But they aren't winning the models made! how long did those convertions take time?