Monday, November 14, 2011

Wolfwing Drop Pod Part 3: this thing is done!

I was finally able to finish the Wolfwing Drop pod for my Space Wolf army. Remember, the idea behind my Wolfwing is a 1500 point list, based on 17 models, a Landraider and a drop pod.
The latter one is now finished, here are the pics:
I wanted to make the pod look very weathered and beat up. I did do some highlighting but not in the White Dwarf style. Instead I created streakage over and over again in shades of brown, grey and black to make it seem like this thing went through some atmosphere

Here's it is opened up, weathered and used and certainly BEFORE the servitors cleaned it.

View from above
 And here a shot of the inside from a slighter higher perspective. You can see the radar a bit better.

 Hope you like it and found the journey inspiring:
part 1
part 2


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  1. Wow, that looks great Mike! It's inspiring me to get my 3 pods painted up!