Playing Warhammer with your kids..revisited!

A while ago I started introducing Warhammer Fantasy to my 9 year old daughter. (click here for all the posts about that subject) She loved it: the Dwarves, the Elves, all the dice rolling and the little scenarios that we found in the little gem called Warhammer Skirmish. But my own interest is in 40K right now, building the Iron Snakes and the Orks and having fun with it. So despite some reservations from the wife, I wanted to play a game of 40K with my daughter using the silly Orks and the serious Iron Snakes. She played with the Snakes and I played Orks. We came up with a Warhammer skirmish type mission which was: capture the statue of Gandalf (yep him!) and run off with it to your own table edge! She won and we had a great time. Here are some photos, taken by my 5 year old daughter, who also helped me roll my saving throws.

Recognize Brother Autolochus?
..or this landspeeder? How about the From the Warp Dice? Gandalf is standing right in the middle on that building.
The Iron Snakes hold strong again the mob

Now my biggest worry was of course the inherent violence in the lore of this game, something that I don't feel is appropriate for my kids. But funnily enough, all that went straight over her head, it didn't go that deep; it was all about rolling dice, using the rulers for measurement and trying to beat Papa.

A few days ago I was looking for something in their play area when I stopped and was struck by the inventive use of my Warhammer terrain. I had to take some pictures of it. They simply love using my terrain for their own fantasy play...

The sunflowers grow happily on this hill in front of the warhammer tower, featured in this old post...

Here's the old grimy, blown out bunker given new life..

and my hills, used in this post about casting your own terrain..

Play Warhammer with your kids and let them play with your collection!


  1. My 2 sons also enjoy playing 40k, the eldest who's 12 loves the fluff and modelling.
    Even my 6 year joins in because he loves doing everything his brother does. He has a great head for numbers and the dice rolling and measuring are his favourite also.

    I have to say though, i've your daughters gets a gold star. I've never seen terrain so well used in all my life, thanks for posting.

  2. My little girls only 17 month old and can't wait to get our mits on 'daddy's little men'. Her favourite model is a Tau Devilfish as it has opening doors, removable driver and gun-drones (muchas fun!)

    I have to enamel varnish everything, but she loves playing with them. In homage to your stellar series of blogs, you've inspired me to get my toddler involved:

  3. Great blog. I like the way you have included your daughter(s) while only using the parts of the hobby you are comfortable sharing with her. The fluff for 40k is awesome, but I agree, it could wait for her to gain another couple years.

  4. It's so nice that you teach Warhammer to your kids! I'm a girl and I want to play warhammer but my mom says it might not be appropriate for me and I'm 12. Please! Tell people that warhammer is okay for their kids!


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