Turning a Catachan into a Cadian

Oops, I thought myself very lucky when I picked up a blister with 3 snipers in it for only 8 bucks. But when I got home and opened it, inside were 3 catachan snipers, you know these ones:

Maybe it is my whining but when I inspected these models, they didn't nearly look as good as these amazing GW models above here. I wonder if the mold slowly deteriorates over time to make models with less detail.
Anyway, I am slowly building some IG and am working on a sniper squad and I really wanted to use one of these men. I didn't want to show any of the muscles but I am very unfamiliar with green stuff sculpting, so please view this as a first tryout.

First of all I filed off all the leaves of his camo cape. Then I green stuffed a sleeve over his left arm, getting rid of all the muscles.

I also filled the hole between the gunsight and his face, I liked him to be more active that way.

Lastly I modeled a kneepad to keep it slightly in line with the normal cadian sniper models.

After that I used the camo technique that I described in a previous post and based him on a miniaturearts base.

I am afraid this post might not be very inspiring, but I love sniper models and I had a lot of fun making this one. I guess what I want to say is: just build models that you like and to hell with everyting else!
The next model in the squad will be the sniper that I found in a box set with Schaeffers Last Chancers that I bought ages ago. I haven't done anything with these guys yet but will soon paint the 2nd from the top left.



  1. Great job on the conversion, the sniper doesn't look catachan at all.
    Your camo painting is really good.

  2. He looks perfectly fine. If you hadn't listed off the things you did, I would have never known except for maybe the kneepad.
    I'd consider this guy to be a success.

  3. lol yeah about the whole "make models which you think are cool to hell with everyone else" i tried that once and well ...

    lets just say i put a lotr urak-hai on a horse which i must admit looked brilliant. only later to find out there scared of horses

    doh -slaps head-

  4. Great work, mate - especially for a greenstuff 'first'!

    I love those snipers too!

  5. very effective conversion, he looks like he'd fit into a cadian army perfectly! If you're into Guard, please come over to my blog...
    Craig @ cadian8th.blogspot.com


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