Mechanized Rough Riders!

I have always wondered why Imperial Guard Armies don't have more servitors in their midst. In the world of Dan Abnett servitors do everything, including fixing vehicles, cooking food and cleaning. So I figured it would be pretty benign adding a unit of servitors to my new IG army. I decided on the rough riders because in my vision horses don't jive with the future, they would have all been eaten already I think. So here is the first of a group of 5 that I will build.

The little tank, body and one of the arms is from a 28 mm model from the Polish Company Micro Arts. The spear is an old brush, the rocket is from an Ork Sprue and I added guard arm from the Basilisk set. It came out pretty nice.

The model looks really Mechanicum, but who cares? There is no Mech Army yet and in the end they could easily have built these to serve the emperor in different armies.

I do want to note the the resin cast of the tank had major flaws, I am not sure how to fix it.

I bought these 3 months ago with some bases (they came out fine) and hadn't really looked at the sculpt. In my next order I will make a note that they should check their products before sending them out; I would say quality control is crucial in the resin casting business.

The sculpt of the face is really quite beautiful

Hope this inspires!

Later Added:
I sent an email to Jan at Micro Arts, this was his reply
I talked with guys from our production team and they said those were
from the old mould. Curently we have a new one and the quality is much
better. I told them to check each piece before packing so I hope this
will fix the issue. We're also thinking of making a mould in a different
way so that you have the mould line on the bottom of the mini.

We may add some free parts for you, no problem :)




  1. that is one awesome idea followed up by excellent execution. It is a shame about the cast, before reading I thought you'd used FW cyclops models and I was thinking "jeez that must be an expensive conversion". If they sorted out their quality Id check them out. nice job though could look awesome when painted!!
    Craig @ cadian8th

  2. Let Micro Arts know, you never know, they might send out a new set. I ordered some of the standard infantry models. Got good quality casts one day, then got a duplicate on my order, but these seemed to have been miscast slightly (holes everywhere).

    But yeah, give them a bell and see what happens - you can but try...

  3. Worst comes to worst, you could always add some extra armor plating over those flaws.

    Looking good Mike!

  4. This is a great job mate, I'm looking forward to seeing it painted up!

  5. Great idea, those MEchanicum guys look fantastic... I thought they looked familiar - they appeared in an awesome batrep in Warseer's Firebase between the Eldar and Mechanicum and Chaos.

  6. So, if all the horses have been eaten by the 41st millennium, I take it McDonalds is still around?

    Great looking cav there!

  7. Bummer about the casting flaw. The face and body look great but that's a pretty nasty mold shift on the track section.

    Mold shifts are a fairly common problem with casting in resin. The halves of the silicon mold will sometimes line up improperly and the part will come out miscast. Sometimes it can be taken care of with a little knife work, other times not.

    The mold shift you going there is right in the middle of the detail area, which is a real pain in the ass. Other than try to rebuild it with green stuff, I'd say davetaylor's idea of armor plates is your best bet.

    It's actually the guys at micro arts studio who should be strung up for this one. When casting in resin, you do NOT put the mold seam across areas of high detail. Especially on something like the track suspension, which is a key point of interest on the model.

  8. I have one of these, and the flaw on mine is much slighter and was fixable. Your's however looks much harder. You might want to have it dead on the field, as a mobility kill.

  9. I still agree with john, the lance is a bit thick but other then that love the concept and hope you get some free sauce out of the busted minis (nerd alert) The horses that both the rough riders and the DK use are geneticly altered and in some manner cyberneticly enhanced. (ok done)


    BH Senior Editor

  10. What can i say, Jan wose right, the tank u recived was from the old and almost dead mold (which was thrown away after youre e-mail )
    Thanks to u we will make a new one ( hopfly a better one, with less possibilities of mold shifts and other flows ).
    My apology for that bad pice u recived probably my fault ;/ ( i'm only humman)
    As i write this youre last order shuld be already send.
    >I speak only for my self not for MAS<

  11. thanks MAS worker for the honesty. I think it reflects good on your company for all of us to see.
    Mike at Santa Cruz Warhammer


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