More Progress With My Guard Headswap

You may have seen my previous post about the gas mask / helmet head swap for my Imperial Guard unit.

I have decided to call them the Ardwick 23rd.

The name is a nod to Dave Taylor and his Genswick 33rd, I really liked the dish shaped helmets, Ardwick is a suburb of Manchester ( the first industrial city ) I figured it would have a lot of pollution, to justify the masks, and it is in England, I used the WWII British uniform as inspiration, and the 23 is from my street address.

I have finished 5 Guardsmen and a heavy weapons team which can swap the gun out between the auto cannon, las cannon, and heavy bolter. The bald spots ( without basing sand ) on the base are where the bits for the other gun options sit, but it seems to give the look of old pavement.

Besides the pointer crewman, all the pouches bags and canteens are molded on to the standing figures.

I plan on adding some backpacks, so I ordered a bunch from MaxMini and I have been thinking of using some gas mask heads without helmets ( Tox heads ) also from MaxMini and robed flagelants for penal legion troops or perhaps psykers.



  1. Excellent, they look really good.

  2. Nice job on the bases, did you just leave areas uncovered to look like paving stones?

  3. I really like the contrast on the gaiters and belt accessories. what bags did you use to accessorise them? are they GW?

    Also very good that you didnt use the back packs on the HW team, use them later on veterans etc!

    Nice basing too

    Craig @ cadian8th

  4. Ron- the empty patches on the large base were left without sand, that is where the powerpack and ammo can lands with the other weapon couices, but it has left a nice effect.

    KSB- with the standing troopers being from the the cheepo 5 pack, all the bags are molded on, only the pointing weapon crewman has an added canteen and knife.

    I have ordered plenty of backpacks and bags for everyone.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  5. Very nice, I just ordered my pig iron stuff today (going for a steel legion look) cant wait to get a look at these up close later, and damn nice job on the flocking, thats a skill I have yet to vest in but I love seeing a piece that displays like a scene.

    BH Senior Editor

  6. I was in the real Ardwick last night. It's a bit rubbish really. That's a fantastic looking squad though.


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